health video.. UPDATE!

as many of you read (or saw) in my last post, I have been battling stress and anxiety. It wasn't easy writing (or crying through) the first time and it isn't really something that comes naturally for me to open up about. however, throughout this journey I've realized that practicing to flex that muscle and being honest about what I'm going through has had an impact on more than just my health. It has helped me to tap into a part of myself that has been hidden for longer than I can remember. It has helped me to understand myself on a deeper level, to strengthen my friendships and relationships with others and it has been a sigh of relief for my own mental health to feel like I no longer have to hide pieces of what make me, me!

following the video, I talked to family members and friends and told them my reasoning behind wanting to following the program (which included vitamin shots I'd have to inject myself with, numerous supplements, and a nutrition plan) and the parts that I wasn't entirely comfortable with. I went back and forth for weeks, until I finally decided to go through with the *sorta* intense treatment plan for the next 60 days.

after making my decision, it was time to work out the finances. programs like this are NOT cheap. I knew that going into it, but for some reason it really didn't sink in until I found myself applying for a new credit card just to pay for the treatment. yikes...

through a few odd situations with the credit card company, and the STACK of bills that finally arrived from my medical doctor, I came to the conclusion this was not something that I would be able to go forward with at this point in time.

sure, I could've stomped the pavement and got as many of YOU to sign up with my code and take some money off of my bill, but at the end of the day, it wasn't something that I could prove worked without going through the process myself. I'd rather miss out on the treatment itself than to send false hope to any of you or lead you down a path out of self-interest for wanting a cheaper treatment. I am in NO WAY saying you shouldn't visit AIM360, in fact I am actually going to tell you the complete opposite to this day. Dr. Dubyak really LISTENED to me and really SHOWED me what was going on in my body at that point and time, which no other doctor had done. despite the massive medical bills that I now have staring at me from the corner of my desk.

I would still encourage you all to sign up (you can still use my link, it is still super helpful even though I'm not proceeding with the treatments right now) and get your blood work ON PAPER with a functional medicine professional to walk you through what is happening in your body. it was the most incredible, eye-opening experience to just know for a fact what is happening in your body and be able to make your own decision from there about how to fix it.

here's the link, if you are interested in learning more about your body!

if you have any questions about my experience, the office/practice in general, or anything else, feel free to reach out! I'd love to chat with you about it.