Winter Fashion Trends

Today is the official first day of winter, so we trade in our sunglasses for mittens, and our sandals for sweaters. However, just because the temperatures are dropping, that doesn’t mean your style has to. Here are the biggest fashion trends for this upcoming winter:

Cuddle Up In Corduroy

Corduroy is far from a new trend, but it is perfect for cold months ahead. Not only does the color go with almost anything, but corduroy material is so soft and sure to keep you warm. The material is also so comfortable yet dresses up any outfit. For instance, the buttoned down in brown dress can be dressed up or down, but it still looks stylish and complete. If it's too cold for a dress, this piece also works great as a jacket with a top underneath. It’s a great way to add some variety to your wardrobe without having to buy many new pieces.

Large and In Charge

Oversize jackets don’t have to look bulky. They can bring comfort to any look yet still bring a polished vibe. Teddy bear coats like the blocked teddy bear coat are so comfortable and can be dressed up or down. Whether it’s with sweatpants or a slip dress, this coat can go with any piece. Another oversize coat is the fabulous faux fur coat. This coat is soft to the touch and instantly makes any outfit look luxurious. For the casual days or for a night out, oversize will always be a perfect fit.

What A Prep

Preppy chic doesn’t have to end in school. A great way to add a polished and put together look to add a collared shirt under a piece. There are even fake collared shirts on sites like Amazon that give the appearance of a nice shirt, without a big expense. Dresses like the tied up ombre dress or even basic tops like plain scoop tee are casual pieces that can be dressed up with a collared top. It’s a small touch, but it can make a big difference to any outfit.

Leather Weather

While you might feel compelled to grab a puffer jacket when it gets cold, biker and suede jackets can still keep you warm and looking stylish.They add a lighter or darker feel to any look without the risk of getting cold. A suede or biker jacket can both be dressed up with a slip or t-shirt dress, or dressed down with a band tee and jeans. Jackets like the saddled up leather jacket and the bardot buckled jacket are also great because they look so fitted, it’s almost like they were made for you. And if fitted and shorter is not your thing, size up for an oversized look.