renee kostas, owner

hi guys! my name is renee and I am the owner of posh local boutique. I have worked in retail since I was 16, and always knew I was destined to be in sales. after graduating from indiana university of pennsylvania with a degree in business marketing, I found myself struggling to find an industry that would excite me about my newfound world of 9-5s. since I couldn't find a company that was the right fit for me, I started my own! 

enter: posh

throughout college, I relied heavily on the app called Poshmark, to make all of my "fun money". while on the job hunt the summer following graduation, I made Poshmark a full-time job. I was constantly uploading new merchandise and found myself at the post office 3 or 4 times a day! after noticing a few of my buyers were from pa, I thought to myself, "how cool would it be if I could just deliver this to them now, instead of going through the postal service," and just like that, the concept was born. 

I thought that naming the company in honor of the app that inspired my vision was the least that I could do. 

enter local.

being a burgh girl through and through, I knew that pittsburgh was going to be the best market for a startup of this nature. pittsburgh is innovative by nature and die-hard- supportive at heart.

thank you for shopping with me and supporting my small local business. if you want to keep up with my personal instagram, feel free to follow @nae_2k

xox posh local, renee